Since its establishment in 2006, Platinum Vision has become a pioneering force across the MENA region, providing high-end corporate and business tracking solutions. The company’s goal has always been to help businesses enhance their strategies and services through real-time tag and tracking technologies. As a result, the solutions Platinum Vision provides deliver long-term commercial benefits based on each client’s individual key business requirements.

Combining a highly talented and knowledgeable team of experts with the latest agile management tools and tracking solutions, businesses benefit from access to high-end RFID, GPS, and WiFi tag and track technologies.

Platinum Vision starts each project with an in-depth analysis of each client’s business needs and end goals. With a comprehensive understanding built-up as to what the business requires, Platinum Vision provides first-class, stress-free and easy-to-use solutions that fully address tracking requirements.

Each strategy developed by Platinum Vision is designed to be economical, efficient, and durable, providing businesses with:

  • The capabilities to respond rapidly to market and customer needs;
  • The ability to maintain complete control over assets and personnel.

This includes combining tags and readers, according to the needs of each business, to track business processes, assets, people and/or inventories through one integrated platform. As the platform talks directly to the current ERP system, businesses can also be assured that their data flow is seamlessly synchronized – and that their quick access to information remains unaffected.

With these technologies on board, Platinum Vision helps businesses achieve the best out of their moveable, high-value assets, inventorized items and personnel.  As a result, each tracking solution provided by Platinum Vision ensures businesses gain real-time data and information that increase their productivity, save costs and time, and enhance their bottom line.

By providing the groundwork for astute financial investments in cutting edge technologies, businesses can be assured of their continued growth in today’s challenging business environment.

Your business success is our success, we thrive by delivering you a solution that will get you the highest ROI in the industry.


To be the only go-to providers of tracking solutions, providing businesses with the technological enhancements for their services and strategies.


To become the one-stop shop for tracking solutions in the Middle East and Africa for businesses of all sizes.


At Platinum Vision, it is the company’s values that provides clients with the key to intelligent tracking. With this in mind, Platinum Vision remains focused on undertaking all work along the following principles:

Intelligence  Providing clients with intelligent solutions to keep track the smart way and improve their bottom line.

Sustainability  Providing companies, large and small, with the foundations and technological resilience for sustainable, long-term success.

Reliability  Providing reliable and trustworthy technological solutions to ensure that companies can focus on making their business grow.

Results-Oriented  Providing companies with more than just solutions – but the means to achieve success in today’s challenging business environment.

Platinum Vision

Real Time Tracking Solutions

Platinum Vision’s tags make tracking assets, people and vehicles so much easier.
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Passive and Active RFID

Platinum Vision brings clients a wireless, non-contact use of radio frequency electromagnetic fields.
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GPS tracking system

Vehicle-mounted GPS tracking devices form an invaluable part of keeping tabs on vehicle location, particularly when they are on the move.
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Smart Warehouse Solutions

Platinum Vision’s leading SWS platform provides businesses with everything they need to control their in-warehouse assets.
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Asset Tracking system

Platinum Vision’s asset tracking system is the solution to every business’ need to effectively track and manage their assets in real-time.
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Warehouse and Inventory

Platinum Vision’s warehouse and inventory management system provides businesses with the easiest way to operate efficiently.
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Physical Record Tracking

Platinum Vision provides businesses with the software to securely and efficiently manage their records
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Library Management Systems

Platinum Vision’s (LMS) provides a wide range of easy-to-use library services that empower both libraries and users.
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Retail and Apparel solutions

Bringing in the latest RFID technology in retail, Platinum Vision’s retail sector solutions provide the basis on which the shop-floor runs smoothly.
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Healthcare Tracking and Hygiene Assurance

Bringing in the latest RTLS as part of the day-to-day functioning of a hospital, Platinum Vision remains proud of its hospital tracking system.

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Personnel Tracking system

Platinum Vision provides businesses with custom-built employee tracking and personal safety products.

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Fleet Management

Platinum Vision’s FMS provides businesses with the easy-to-use interface they need to keep track of their fleet.

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Automatic Vehicle Identification

Platinum Vision’s technologies combine the latest in Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID readers and visual identification techniques.

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Parking Management

Platinum Vision’s automated parking gate barrier is the first of its kind to integrate an embedded Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID reader
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Consulting services

Platinum Vision’s state-of-the-art consulting services offer businesses a wide range of one-on-one advice.
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